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Rent a Car on the Costa Blanca in Spain

Spain is one of the most luxurious places in Europe. Millions of tourists visit this country every year. Automotive transport is an optimum and the most convenient means of transportation between the cities of the country. Today, renting a car in Spain is not a luxury; it’s very affordable.

The process of renting a car will not take you long: you come to the office of the company, choose the car you like and fill out the necessary documents. It can take 10–30 minutes in total.

To rent a car in Spain, you need to have:

  • Your driver's license of the appropriate category (Russian or international).
  • Your credit card.

In most cases, cars for rent in Alicante or Altea are not provided to people under the age of 21. Nevertheless, some companies provide cars for rent to persons aged 19 and older for an additional fee.

The terms for the return of a car to the car rental centre depend on the specific company and they can be clarified in the office.


Please contact Costa Altea if you wish to rent a car.