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Property in Torrevieja

розовая лагуна, соленое озеро, торревьеха, коста бланка

Torrevieja is the third most densely populated city in the province of Alicante, conveniently located between Murcia and the city of Alicante. Torrevieja attracts tourists and immigrants from all over Europe by its beautiful beaches and unique microclimate. Two large salt lakes (one pink, the other green) called Salinas dominate the landscape in Torrevieja and form part of an important natural park rich in flora and fauna.  Salt has been mined here for centuries. Local air is highly recommended for people with breathing problems while swimming in the lake and mud therapy are extremely helpful for skin and joint problems.

Almost half of the population of Torrevieja are immigrants, mainly British followed by Russians, as well as Irish, Germans and Scandinavians. The Spaniards themselves also choose this city when buying property on the Costa Blanca. Torrevieja is a popular destination among the residents of Madrid who often buy their second home here. Torrevieja ideally combines all the advantages of a coastal resort with the benefits of a big city.

A high number of British residents living here all year round has led to Torrevieja being called “the Costa del Yorkshire”. Why do the Britons buy property here? The reason is incredibly affordable housing prices. The average price per square meter is 1,405 euros. You can purchase a studio starting from 26,000 euros, and a small townhouse with an area of 55 m² with two bedrooms for 39,500 euros!

Torrevieja is the perfect combination of attractive real estate prices and a high quality of life!

фламинго, соленые озера, розовая лагуна, торревьеха, коста бланка

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