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Benidorm-the pearl of the Mediterranean

On the picturesque coast of Spain is widely known tourist area of the Costa Blanca. It includes several small towns, each of which resembles the pearl of the Mediterranean.

One of these gems is certainly Benidorm. 50 kilometers from it - the airport "Alicante", which takes direct flights from the Russian capital. Flight time 5 hours.

Until the 60s of the last century, it was an ordinary fishing village, which for half a century has become a popular holiday destination with an active nightlife. Benidorm is famous for the sandy beaches of Levante and Poniente. In fact, they are the center of attraction of tourists. Nearby stretches of magnificent boulevards, on both sides of which are palm trees, around the clock cafes, bars and restaurants. And a little further modern skyscrapers are visible. Interesting fact: eight of the two dozen largest skyscrapers in Spain were built here.

Бенидорм - жемчужина Средиземноморья

Benidorm is located on the area less than 40 sq. km. the Population is just over 72 thousand people a Favorite place for residents for walks - promenade, which stretches for 6 miles from the city - a huge Park "Terra Mitica", it is created on motives of the ancient civilizations of this region. .

Local beaches are among the best in the Mediterranean, and the water temperature - from warm to pleasant-invigorating.
The beach "Levante"is a strip, 2 km long, filled with fine Golden sand.
"Poniente" stretches for 3 km., here is much quieter. It is visited mainly by locals or visitors from other regions of Spain. It is perfect for a family holiday. These beaches have special areas for children and sports.
"Malpensa" has been awarded the Blue flag for more than three decades. It is comfortably settled in the Bay and has a length of 120 meters. It is shallow and calm, so the beach is perfect for couples with children of any age, but the season is crowded. There is a small boat with a transparent bottom.

The water area of this region is recognized as one of the best for diving. Clean water with excellent visibility, interesting deep-sea life, excellent dive centers.

Modern hotels with excellent service will please any traveler. It is possible to rent individual apartments, and you can settle in the camping.

Бенидорм - жемчужина Средиземноморья  

Benidorm is considered the center of trade in the region. It is worth visiting the shopping center "La Marina", which offers a lot of brands. Branch supermarket "El Corte Ingles" - everything from Souvenirs to clothing with big discount. On the opposite side of hypermarket "Carrefour". If you're having nostalgia, but there favorite foods.

It is advisable to visit the local markets. "El Sisne" will interest fans of Antiques and vintage. The flea market can be visited on weekends, at camping "Benisol".

Visiting the historical part of the city with narrow streets, you will like to visit Spain XVII - XIX centuries. Near the Church of SV. Jaime, the "Balcony of the Mediterranean" - an observation deck on the cliff, the ruins of Torre Morales-Escalates of the XVI century.

Modern Benidorm-a city with high-rise buildings. Here, the tallest building in the country - "Gran Bali", a height of 210 m. Standing next 16-30-storey buildings seem diminutive pygmies. On the roof of the hotel there is an observation deck with a magnificent panorama of the city and the surrounding area. On Plaza de Toros square you can see the arena of the famous bullfighting. This is a venue for various events. The night life of the city is not inferior to Ibiza.

Children here freedom, adventure is more than enough! In the Park "Terra mitika" various attractions, you can plunge into the world of ancient civilizations, learn a lot about Iberia - the progenitor of many modern European countries.

"Terra Natura" - for lovers of the animal world. This is a huge Safari Park, where one and a half thousand species of wild fauna live. The Park is divided into zones where you can learn about the life of animals on different continents.

Watch the sea inhabitants in the Park "Mundomar", and then you will find an incredible entertainment show. Children will like water parks: Aqualandia in the Park "Sierra Elada" and "Aqua Natura", near the Park "Terra Natura".

Benidorm is often called Spanish Manhattan. The mild climate, modern facilities, first-class hotels, clean beaches, plenty of night entertainment, all this attracts attention to Benidorm.

Near the town is a small village of Guadalest, with two hundred inhabitants. Here you can see the unique fortress of the XI century, built on top of a low mountain, swim in the beautiful mountain lake, bordered by virgin forest. Next to the ancient castle of the count of Alfaz. Now it is transformed into a cultural center.

Briefly about the property. Although this region is not considered respectable, but it is quite democratic. But democracy does not mean cheapness. Prices can not be called "junk", because the city of Benidorm is considered the highest Spanish city: 40 percent of the skyscrapers of the state-it's no joke. The high level of rest make this place very popular – and quite expensive. However, here you can find absolutely different prices for real estate. In Torrevieja, the most international Spanish town, you can buy a townhouse, the price of which is no different from the similar object in Bulgaria.