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I'm asthmatic. Would Mediterranean climate be good for me?

Everyone has their own motivation to relocate to another country or to buy real estate in another country. Someone wants to change the scenery, someone decided to pursue a career on another continent, and someone wants to improve their health.

In the context of relocating to Spain, it will be very appropriate to talk about people who suffer from respiratory diseases — bronchitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.

For example, the sea air is considered somekind of salvation for asthmatics. Especially, if he sea air warms up to 25-30 degrees (otherwise Baltic states or Scandinavia could seem a wise choice, but no!) Why is it useful? Because in the sea air thas high content of iodine particles —they settle in the respiratory passages and do not allow mucus to fill up and block the passages.

Basically, asthmatic attacks are caused by external factors such as temperature changes, and shifts in humidity levels. Therefore, for patients with asthma, the climate is considered to be very favorable if such a shifts are minimal.

If you are thinking about relocating to another country and take into account the medical indications, then pulmonologists and allergists recommend Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Cyprus and, of course, Spain. This set of countries is easy to explain — the countries are located in a temperate Mediterranean climate, and the dry and mild climate reduces the number of asthma attacks, favorably affecting the immune system and the respiratory tract.

Don't get us wrong, no one promises miraculous healings. Alas, buying property on the Costa Blanca and moving here will not be able to stop the disease forever. But it can significantly improve the quality of life in the presence of bronchopulmonary diseases.

Let's turn to the map. Costa Blanca is exactly in the middle of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, so the mild and dry climate is extremely favorable not only for those who suffer from asthma or other bronchopulmonary diseases, but also for any person in principle. Let us remind you that the World Health Organization has recognized the Costa Blanca region as one of the best places in the world to live! And how cool is that?!

On the Costa Blanca, there are more than 300 sunny days per year, which means no sudden changes in summer and winter temperatures. This is a real gift for asthmatics. If you are up to buy a property on Costa Blanca, it's best to look to the Northern part — from Denia to Benidorm. Why? It's well known for mild climate, and huge amount of greenery, including coniferous plants. And as you know, the air saturated with aromas of pine needles is recommended for those who have bronchopulmonary diseases accompanied by an inflammatory process of the respiratory system.

Let's imagine that you have arrived to the Costa Blanca as a tourist or have already decided to move here. If you need specialists such as a pulmonologist, allergist or gastroenterologist, in Valencia (less than 2 hours drive from the Costa Blanca) there is a private clinic Clínica Neumológica y del Sueño, which specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases, as well as Hospitales Nisa — hospital, which deals with the treatment of the respiratory tract. Here you can conduct dynamic monitoring of the disease and control its progress.

Those who have repeatedly rested on the Costa Blanca, notice that even after a few weeks of being in the local climate, the number of asthma attacks significantly reduces. As a result, it serves as one of the catalysts for moving and buying property in Spain.

In conclusion, let's check how unfavorable the climate is for lung diseases in the place where you live now.

Here's a small check list:

  • cold climate;
  • low clouds (let us explain that this does not mean that there are few clouds in your region, but that the clouds fall very low because of their high concentration);
  • increased humidity level;
  • the constant movement of air fronts;
  • clay soil.

Even one of these factors (and as a rule, they all are included in one set) is enough to worsen respiratory diseases. If they are 3 or more — it is a serious reason to think about changing geography. You can also think of Plan B, like you buy a property in a part of the world where the climate is more friendlier, and live there at least for a few months of the year — this will be enough to significantly improve your health condition and quality of life.