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Luxurious privacy: how it is to live in Altea Hills

If you are planning to buy a property in Altea Hills on the Costa Blanca, we have two news for you. First one. If you do not drive a car, then you are in trouble (though perhaps you have a personal driver and then you do not worry about mobility at all). Second one. You have chosen a great place for a living or for a second home, where you can escape to when you suddenly want some privacy and relaxation.

Altea Hills is a closed urbanization in the city of Altea with round-the-clock supervision of video cameras. The area of urbanization is only 34.43 square kilometers, so:

1) there is no public transport;
2) there is no well-developed infrastructure;
3) there is absolute privacy;
4) there are restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and recreation areas;
5) there are luxury villas with unique views, and it's pretty useless to try to describe them in words.

Compact and secluded accommodation, swimming pools and terraces do their job very well - you do not want to leave Altea Hills for no reason. But if you remember about the lack of shops, you will have to plan your shopping well in advance. But do not take it as an inevitable evil. Rather, it is subordination to the Spanish way of life. Here, most companies begin to work at 8 am, then it takes only an hour or two to have a break for breakfast (almuerso), then, after a little piece of work, you can go for a one or two hours to eat lunch. The working day ends around 6 PM. So the Spanish guys normally buy products on Saturday evening, making the stock for the week ahead.

Ging down through the food valley, we would dare to give you some recommendations about the food, if you have settled down in Altea Hills or purchased a villa here and periodically come here for quality relaxation time.

Where to eat

Many believe that the best places are those with many locals. If you follow this opinion, when choosing a place for lunch or dinner, you should pay attention to Marisqueria Cordoba in Benidorm (half an hour drive on N-332). Spaniards usually like local steaks, and visitors opt for paella with seafood. However, you can not delve into this stereotypical categorization and go for a dessert with fresh strawberries!

Another recommendation - fish restaurant Baydal at Calpe (16 minute drive by N-332). Spending Sunday lunch with your family here seems like a good idea. Try the local gazpacho, as well as squids and langoustines if you like seafood. It is possible that a trip to this restaurant with a romantic view of the yacht parking will become a family tradition for you.

Delicious food and plenty of sun normally losen your grip  - but it is more fair for those who came to Spain on vacation. Those who live on the Costa Blanca on a permanent basis, try to engage with an active lifestyle and do sports.

Where to play sports

When you are fed up with the sport called "let's make a barbecue and swim in our pool”, you can switch to something more active.

For example, the same swimming thing can be continued in the sea. There is a pebble beach in 2 km away from the urbanization, it is located at the sports yacht club Luis Campomanes. If you have a yacht, we do not need to tell you how to spend your time with style and benefit. The only thing to add - the local yacht club enjoys an excellent reputation on a global level and is equipped with parking space for at least a thousand yachts.

In addition, еhere is a пolf club Don Cayo very close to Altea Hills. It has existed since 1974, but in the last 5 years there has been a significant modernization of facilities. The field has only nine holes, so maybe you will be bored to play twice in one round, but in the vicinity of the Costa Blanca there are at least a dozen other golf clubs where there are 18 holes on the golf course.

For those who considers golf to be not intense enough, Altea Hills offers a game of tennis. On the territory of urbanization (perhaps even next to your villa!) there is Altea Hills Tennis Club. It is very much praised by fans of tennis - for the quality of the courts, for the impeccable service, as well as for the presence of a massage room.