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Apartments in Benidorm

When buying an apartment in Benidorm, one of the most important factors to consider is location, namely:  the safety of the area, proximity to schools, availability of public transport, the view (sea/mountains), and walking distance to amenities.

Refrain from buying an apartment in the Plaza del Torros area, especially in the residential complex Plaimon Fiesta. Despite the extremely attractive prices, this condominium has a very bad reputation, and once purchased the apartments there cannot be resold.

The Benidorm Levante area is famous for its hotels, pubs, casinos and nightlife. British clients mainly frequent this area. The Levante beach is always full of people in shorts and T-shirts in winter and summer alike. You do not need a car in Levante, because all the services are two steps away, and there is a taxi waiting on every corner.

Poniente Zone is a quiet green residential area, ideal for couples with children or those who want to live away from city noise. There are tennis courts and a golf club.

The Benidorm Rincón de Loix area is another quiet residential area to the east of Levante beach. In Rincón de Loix there are apartments for sale in modern condominiums located both on the beach and on the mountain with panoramic views of the sea and the beaches of Benidorm. There are two semi-private beaches, as well as a hiking route leading up to the top of the Sierra Gelada mountain, crowned with the Cross of Benidorm.

Before buying, we recommend that you rent out different apartments for a month or two in the area of your choice in Benidorm.